Cell Organelles | Ribosome

Ribosome- Protein factory of a cell

Ribosome are non-membrane bound organelle made of Ribo-nucleic acid (RNA) and proteins. Discovered by the George Palade (1953), so also called the Palade particle. Ribosome are the smallest cell organelle that’s why they are even present in the other organelle so that they are also called “Organelle within organelle”. They are sometimes associated with the…

Chloroplast- Structure and Functions

Chloroplast- Structure and Functions

These two things are essential for photosynthesis. What is a Chloroplast So, as we told above it is oval shape, double-membrane cell organelle found in the leaf of the plant, algae, and Cyanobacteria. It is a semi-autonomous cell organelle that has its own double-stranded circular DNA and can synthesize its own protein (as it has…